Wednesday, May 5, 2010


seems to me i haven't blogged in awhile. and i started the year off so strong! maybe i'll catch up again one of these days. i've been taking TONS of photographs and have been enjoying playing with them in photoshop and i just adore the topaz adjust plugin! i have lots and lots of new flowers popping up in my yard. i don't remember having so many in years past, but maybe it's just that i wasn't really looking. these just came up this week:


they are called star-of-bethlehem. and i am captivated by these bluebells:

goodnight bluebell

thanks to the kind folks on flickr for helping me to identify all of my beautiful blossoms! perhaps i'll dedicate my next post to logging and identifying all of the flowers that i have in my own tiny little yard in pittsburgh, pa!