Wednesday, July 20, 2011

death of the point and shoot camera

i read an article awhile back about how the digital point and shoot camera will likely fade into extinction over the next several years due to the increasing abundance and quality of mobile phone cameras. i kind of scoffed at that thinking sure, the quality of the photos you get from these phone cameras is getting better, but it's still a long way from being as good as that from my little canon SD790. fast forward about 6 months plus one child, and I find that i'm carrying my camera less and less and taking photos with my phone more and more. i guess with two children now i have enough to remember/carry that the extra item, even though it's so small it fits in my pocket, is nearly always overlooked. in addition to that, i have a few apps for my phone camera that instantly create some really cool effects and can be uploaded directly to facebook or flickr or sent in an email. since i am also rarely on my computer in the evening or on weekends anymore, this has become my primary tool for photo-sharing. so it seems the author of that article was correct: convenience triumphs over quality. plus it would take a good bit of photoshopping to accomplish what my retrocam app does with the push of one button.