Saturday, February 27, 2010


i like the way this one turned out!

phlox globe

topaz adjust

does some pretty cool things! still trying to decide if it's worth my $50 though. here's an example of some photos edited with the plug-in:

hot metal bridge at sunset

assateague horses

ice tree


Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

miniature fakes

all of these are photographs of full-sized things manipulated in photoshop to look like miniatures. it's fun to play around with them.

the pitch

pitt game

toy dumptrucks

tiny hot metal bridge

little excavator

little wedding


tracy arm

piazza del campo

white pass and yukon railroad

what do you think?

A LOT of snow


it's snowing. again.

and ice damming, and water in our bedroom and dining room. heavy heavy sigh. bastards at njm won't cover any of the major damage. lots of tears today. self pity. and wine.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

snow-rama 2010

in case you hadn't heard, we had a pretty big snowstorm here this weekend. i think our total was around 22 inches! we're all fine here, and peter's about to finish digging out our driveway so i can go down to the lab. obviously we didn't go anywhere (by car) yesterday, but i took a nice long walk around greenfield (our neighborhood) and snapped tons of photos. here's a mosaic i made with some of my fisheye pictures:

snow-rama 2010 fisheye mosaic

the skies were brilliantly blue yesterday afternoon, and with the snow these pictures fit quite well with the blue/white theme of my recent mosaics. i may need to create another with snow! i love that combination!

i know i've been behind on my blog again, but that's because we're just so darned busy! i actually started writing a post from last weekend. We went to the zoo and aquarium on saturday and then i took a quick trip to phipps on sunday, but i haven't finished it. maybe one of these days ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the year in flowers

for 2010 i designed a calendar filled with photos of my flowers and had it printed at bighugelabs. they did an excellent job and it really came out beautifully.

so far this year ...

purple and orange


my father-in-law challenged me to do one of all rocks for 2011, but so far i have no interesting rock pictures. when the weather gets a little warmer i'm going to have to start scouting locations around the area with cool rocks!

another blue and white

this time, all flowers! i'm working on a more substantial post, but so as not to exit the blogosphere completely, here is a pretty picture that helps brighten up a dreary february day for me!

blue sky and white flowers